“Common Sense” through Social Justice and Anti-Oppressive Education


Social Justice is an educational philosophy that includes teaching to race, class, ability, language, appearance, sexuality and gender through the curriculum.

Anti-Oppressive Education is approaching education in a way that challenges different forms of oppression that we will see in our schools.  These forms of oppressions are well known to education students as the ‘isms’.

If I look at these definitions through a critical lens, I see that commonsense comes through both of them.  A lot of things in life can be related back to commonsense without us even noticing.  After the first reading and post on commonsense, I have started to notice many things that come back to commonsense.  Such as, teaching through social justice.  I think that each person’s individual definition of social justice is created subconsciously through commonsense (the ideals instilled before us from our parents, and that society has already dictated).  Therefore, while you may think you are teaching for social justice, you are probably only teaching to YOUR social justice.  I think it would be important to create a definition or an understanding of social justice with your class, before you can say that you are teaching to social justice.  Finally, anti-oppressive education can be related to commonsense through the ‘isms’.  As a teacher, you cannot use the definitions that you have created previous in your life.  I think it is important to not use commonsense in your class, because it can be offensive to students or not understood by them.  If you are going to teach to anti-oppressively, you need to start of scratch.  It is important to throw out your preconceived notions and start on a blank page.  However, it is important as a teacher to teach to both these forms of education so that barriers and walls can be broken down in your classroom and you can do what you can to make everyone feel comfortable in your class.




About herback

I am a fourth year education student, studying at the University of Regina. I have a major in English and a minor in Inclusive Education. following the completion of my BEd, I will be staying at the University to complete my Inclusive Education certificate. I have hopes in the future to work as an SST to support students with varying abilities.

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