Anti-Oppressive Technology


The increase of technology in schools and education, absolutely creates oppression and injustice for some people.  While we do see some increase of technology in some schools, we are not seeing it at all in others.  As discussed in seminar, there are inner city schools in many places that are not seeing the influx of technology at all.  People who come from lower socio-economic class families are less likely also to have this technology in their homes.  As teachers, we cannot teach our classes through relying on technology.  For example, you cannot set an assignment to be handed in typed if it is to be completed at home.  Not all students have this technology and this creates injustice.  Technology is great in education, but it has limits that always need to be kept In mind.  It is important to use it in ways that only helps the students, don’t let this replace your teaching time and keep in mind ways that it may hinder students learning.  Technology, while it can help, is not the be all and the end all, use it cautiously.


About herback

I am a fourth year education student, studying at the University of Regina. I have a major in English and a minor in Inclusive Education. following the completion of my BEd, I will be staying at the University to complete my Inclusive Education certificate. I have hopes in the future to work as an SST to support students with varying abilities.

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  1. How can you see yourself using technology within your classroom? Will you encourage students to use technology outside of the classroom for lifelong learning? Why or why not?

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