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Hello Friends,

Lately, I have been exploring feedly.  So far, I have subscribed to feeds that pertain to education.  I subscribed to:

Edudemic –> I chose Edudemic because it seems to have a lot of ideas for integrating technology into education, which is something this class is mainly focusing on, so I thought it would be good to explore this topic on my own a bit and hopefully be able to offer suggestions for classmates of ideas that sound promising.

Edutopia RSS –> I chose this source because I like that it will offer a variety of learning strategies that are applicable for all grades.  I think it is important to not focus on only one grade level because we never know what we will end up teaching.  We need to make ourselves well rounded educators and I think this is a good start.

Emerging Education Technologies –> I chose Emerging Edtech for some of the same reasons as Edudemic.  This source offers technology that be offered in the classroom through instructional technologies.  Again, I think this will be beneficial for myself and my classmates.

Teach Thought –> I chose Te@ch Thought because I like the specific category focuses it has on iPads and Apps.  This is something that will be helpful for me because I am not very good and finding what apps are effective for what practices.  I hope this feed will give me some guidance and direction as to things I will be able to implement into my future classroom.

Ted Education –> I chose Ted Education, because, lets be real, who doesn’t love watching TedTalks.  What I thought was even better is that this channel focuses specifically on Education, which is great!

Think Inclusive –> I chose Think Inclusive because this is what the basis of my educational philosophy is built on.  It focuses on my passion in the classroom and I hope to learn a lot more.  Inclusion is so important in schools and I hope to become an advocate someday.

All of these are relevant because as teachers, we can never stop learning.  We may be teaching children, but the minute we think we can stop learning, we become ineffective as teachers.  I think following educational resources like this is so important to being great teachers and continuing our lifelong education.  I chose the feeds I did so that I could have a well rounded feed.  I did not just want to have blogs that all focused on technology, or one thing.  As teachers we need to always be evolving and exploring new things, the learning never stops.  I think this will be a great way to stay relevant and twitter will be a good way to compliment it!
Screen shot 2015-01-21 at 10.39.22 AM
That’s all for now!

About herback

I am a fourth year education student, studying at the University of Regina. I have a major in English and a minor in Inclusive Education. following the completion of my BEd, I will be staying at the University to complete my Inclusive Education certificate. I have hopes in the future to work as an SST to support students with varying abilities.

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  1. Hey Taylor, looks like you’ve gotten a great start to your blog and learning project. Make sure that you are linking to the sites and resources that you mention (i.e. the blogs you mention in this post).

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