I Will Rise to the Occasion!


Hello Friends,

So I have decided that for my major learning project I am going to be embarking on a journey to learn how to make bread/buns, etc.  I have always wanted to learn this skill, however, my mom does not make buns and the one time I remember my grandma making buns…well, lets just say the bottoms were black as could be.  My mom did always make bread for breakfast, however, she used a bread maker.  Not having the technology of a bread maker, I will need to learn the techniques of working with yeast, kneading dough, and proofing the dough.  So not having a role model in my life to teach me this skill, I have never tried.  Also, I have been scared to work with yeast, as I have heard it can be very temperamental.  I have also not been able to find the time to learn this skill and this is the perfect opportunity; so I figure, what better time to learn than now!  And with no one to teach me, the internet will provide as an excellent learning source for this project.  I am very excited to begin.  I will track the process of my learning journey here with websites, videos, and photos.

Thats all for now,

It’s been a slice.



About herback

I am a fourth year education student, studying at the University of Regina. I have a major in English and a minor in Inclusive Education. following the completion of my BEd, I will be staying at the University to complete my Inclusive Education certificate. I have hopes in the future to work as an SST to support students with varying abilities.

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