Useful Resources for New Teachers – Like Us!


I’m going to write about Edudemic’s article: “Getting Started: The Most Useful Resources for New Teachers.”  Teachers worry about everything from clothing – impressions – the year.  Have no fear, Edudemic is here to help us!  I’m going to focus mainly on how these things relate to my internship and things that I learned and will take with me forever.

1. Building Relationships – YES! I think this is so important.  You need to form relationships with everyone!  A couple essential relationships that I learned about during my internship were the secretaries and the janitors – as a new teacher, these people are your lifeline into the school.  Especially janitors – you’ll get to know them well when you are there with them until ten o’clock every night!  Another thing my cooperating teacher taught me was that it is really important to have a mentor – they will be your support as a new teacher because you need someone to help you through the ups and downs.  This person should be experienced, so they can offer suggestions and help for you in situations.  Another very important thing I learned during internship is to build relationships with parents.  This will help immensely not only when it comes to students grades, but it is a lifesaver at parent-teacher interviews.  Lastly, professional relationships with everyone on task is something that will become invaluable to you as a teacher.

2. Managing Your Classroom – I did not smile for the first three weeks on internship; students knew I meant business and wasn’t “just an intern.”  This became so helpful to building my classroom climate.  I was able to develop relationships with my students based on respect and after that there were times where it seemed as though I didn’t need to do much classroom managing (I was probably doing it subconsciously).  Edutopia gives a suggestion for rule categories that you can use in your classroom. One thing I did during internship was to build rules with my students, so we were on a level field.  They offered up everything I would have had in place and then some!  I found it is very important to be genuine and get to know your students, each and every one of them!

3. Planning Lessons – BE PREPARED!  OVERPLAN!  These are two things I learned during my internship.  I used this Lesson Plan Template for my planning.  Feel free to snatch it up and modify it however you like.  At the beginning of my internship I thought lesson plans were dumb – they are so important.  They will help you out if you have a blank moment, keep you on topic, and are excellent to demonstrate what you have been teaching in your classroom and different strategies you use!  The article also offers a link to free lesson plans, you can find here.  Be creative when you are making your lesson plans, think about your learners, who they are and how you can teach to them.

4. Other Resources –Education Alberta, National Education Association, Education Manitoba – Behavioral Strategies, North East School Division – Rubrics, this is just the start to an entire universe of online tools to help you.  Use them!  And if you cannot find something you need, ask.  Teachers are always there to help.

Thanks for reading!


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