You Really Knead to See This!


Today, I decided I ‘kneaded’ to step it up a bit, so I am attempting Honey-Whole Wheat Bread.  I found this recipe on Betty Crocker’s website.  I liked the reviews that this recipe gave, that it was an easy recipe for beginners, so I decided to try it.  Since I have never attempted to make a whole wheat bread, I looked up some helpful tips on the difference of the flour and how to work with it in bread.

I started by dissolving my yeast until it got bubbly, that is my new way to make sure the yeast is alive and kicking!  I only had a bit under half a cup of honey on hand, so I just went with what I had.  Without an electric mixer, I had to use some serious elbow grease.  One thing I noticed about this recipe was that it had almost double the amount of flour that I used when I made the basic white loaf.  After I had everything mixed into the dough, I turned the dough out onto the counter to knead it.  I did a bit of research for a few more tips on how to knead bread this time.  After kneading, I greased and covered the bowl with saran wrap.  I had learned from my experience last time, that because I live in a drafty basement, the saran wrap does a better job of keeping the cool drafts out, which is important for the dough to have a warm place to rise.

Then I turned the dough out, cut it in half, and rolled into two logs.  I got new pans this time – The right size! So after proofing the dough again, it had come over the sides of the pan (like it was supposed to with the white bread, and didnt!).  It was nice to see things working the way they were supposed to.

After proofing, I popped the loaves into a 375 degree oven to cook for 40 minutes.  At the start, I forgot to lower the rack positions, but remembered at the last minute!


The bread came out loooking full and beautiful!


I found that this bread was very heavy.  I was more than full after one slice, but it toasted up really nicely.  For next time, I looked into how to make the bread less heavy, and will be definitely be taking this article into consideration before the next time I bake bread!

Thanks for reading, it’s been a slice!




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