Ways to Communicate


Ways for your Classroom to Communicate

As a future educator, I have begun to think of ways that my classroom will be able to communicate with others.  So far, these are some things I have come up with; while some of them may be ‘old school’, I do not think some of that should become obsolete as it may be effective.  Below I have listed some communication ideas:


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  • Use parent/teacher emails to keep in touch. These emails can be parents asking simple questions or teachers passing something along. Emails should not include all information, however it is up to the discretion of the teacher what information should be shared in person.
  • Class website/blog to create informal communication between students, parents, and teachers. Teachers should post what is going on in the classroom daily, due dates, and expectations. This is a way for parents to quickly refer to what is going on and can potentially answer questions they have in an easy way.
  • Twitter.  This is a cool way to connect with other classrooms all over the world.  Share what you are doing and work on things together.

Take Home

  • Beginning of the year mail out. This should include what students will be learning throughout the year and classroom expectations. It is a way to quickly introduce who you are as a teacher to your students and their parents.
  • Monthly newsletters can be sent home with the children on the last Friday of every month. These newsletters will include upcoming events in the classroom and what is going on at the current time. This can also include samples of student work that shows student learning.
  • Samples of student improvement can be sent home to the parents of the child to show that outcomes are being met and students are improving in your classroom. This will help both students and parents to be proud of student learning.

In Person

  • Meet the teacher night at the beginning of the year. This is a way to introduce yourself to your students and their parent’s. You can demonstrate student expectation and what you hope to accomplish in the year. You should also initiate to parents what your plan of communication will be for the semester.
  • Parent/Teacher conferences are a way to communicate both positives and negatives with student work, behaviours, etc. Be honest with students and parents in order to warrant any kind of improvement if necessary. This is also a good time for parents to ask questions and raise concerns that they may also have.
  • Curriculum night is an evening at the end of the school year, usually June, where students and parents can find out about the courses offered at the school. You can find out about courses and meet the teachers you will have for the next semester of school. You can also meet other staff on at the school such as principal, librarian, etc.


  • Posting articles in the newspaper. This will inform the community about what is going on in the school. It will detail things that have happened during the month and upcoming events that they should be aware of. It will also invite community members to events if necessary.
  • Community bulletin boards will be utilized as another way to inform the community about upcoming events. Sporting events, performances, etc. This is a way for all members of the community to be informed even if they do not receive or read the newspaper.

I like this video because it comes from a parent’s point of view about communication with the school, so it allows us to see the other side of things.


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  1. Taylor,

    It’s great to see that parent communication is a focus in your class. Our families are our partners, and fostering a sense of community early on can go so far! These are all fantastic ideas, and it’s great that you’ve included a variety. It’s too easy to assume that one method of communication is meeting the needs of all of our families, and some can get missed if that’s all that we do.

    Here’s another one to check out: Remind (https://www.remind.com/). It’s a free service that allows you to send text or e-mail messages to any parents who sign up. It’s anonymous; they never see my phone number, nor me theirs. You can attach files and photos to your message and can sync it to a classroom Twitter account. I have one set up for my class and my staff, and both have been a hit.

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