We’re On A Roll!


A picture says a thousand words…


This picture illustrates my complete failure at my first attempt at dinner buns.  I used this recipe for classic dinner rolls.  After following the recipe, and kneading for over 10 minutes this picture is what I was left with.  The dough just did not come together.  It was chunky and I did not achieve a smooth doughy consistency like I was supposed to.  After reviewing the recipe, the only thing I can think of that went wrong is that this recipe mixes wet into dry and all other recipes I have made mix dry into wet.  When mixing the wet into the dry, the ingredients didn’t all mix together.  Although you cannot see it, there are streaks of egg yolk in this ball of disgustingness that would not mix in.


For my next attempt, I made sure I chose a recipe that mixed dry into the wet.  The one change that I made in this recipe was to melt the butter in the microwave so that I would not be left with chunks of butter in my dough.  Another thing that was different about this recipe was the rising time.  It needed to rise for 1.5 hours.  I let it rise for the full time, however I noticed that it didn’t really rise after the first hour.  Next time, I would try it for an hour and see what it was like.  The next thing I did was shape the dough into a square and cut it into 24 pieces.  I read this article on how to shape rolls.  And I also thought I would benefit from watching a video on youtube, so I supplemented with this video.


As you can see, I did not find shaping the rolls as easy as it looks.  I did my best though and they look OK.  The rolls rose for another hour.


After rising for a hour, it made my shaping look a little more rough, but thats alright, its the taste that matters, right?


The finished product.

Well, after a long day of some failed buns, I ended up learning a lesson that will help me when selecting a recipe for the next time.  A lot of learning went into today, and I will certainly have to keep trying before I can perfect this!

Well, its been a slice.


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