“Sext Up Kids”


After watching the video, “Sext up Kids,” it is shocking to see how popular culture has changed the lives of young children.  Everything we watch, read, and consume portrays the world that we live in.  I’ll be watching TV at home and after watching a commercial, by the end of it, I will have no idea what they were trying to sell.  The only thing I will have seen is something sexual, and I can say to myself, I guess sex sells.

Its hard to see how young this is happening to children in our society.  Going from Princesses to Barbies to texting naked pictures to crushes.  It is amazing to see how something like media is corrupting our society through the minds of young children.

Girls are so self conscious all of the time.  We need more workshops that will help to combat these negative habits that are acquired at such an early age.  Since technology increases the pressures that are put on kids, we need to teach them how to be safe on the internet.

This all relates to digital identity because everything you ever put on the internet becomes you.  Once you take that naked picture and send it to someone, it is out in cyber space forever.  We need to teach children how to be safe and how to cope in this sexualized culture.  Perhaps this should start before children are able to use technology.  They need to be able to see and understand what they are doing before they chose to do this.  They need to know that whatever they put on the internet, will follow them forever.  I think it all comes down to teaching and parenting – if we can’t change the media, we need to try to shape the children to be proud of who they are and know that they deserve to be respected and need to respect others.

We need to teach girls how to love their bodies and be happy with who they are and boys how to treat women appropriately.  Children need to be children.


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