Goal: Rationale: Strategies: Timeline:
1. Better learn to educate students with varying abilities I think this crucial to my success as an educator because I am a special education minor. I feel as though I need more experience and learning in how to deal with both students who have special needs and students who may have behaviour disorders. This is very important to the function of a well running learning environment so that all students have the ability to learn in an environment that best suits their individual needs. – Educate myself- Consult other professionals in the same area that can offer advice and assistance when starting my career

– Make sure I understand all aspects of the curriculum and how I can adapt them to accommodate learners who may possess a disability or be at different levels of learning

– Search computer databases and the internet

– Use all available resources to gain the best understanding possible

– I will be taking 10 more special education classes towards my Inclusive Education Ceertificate. This will not only help me to learn more, but also to get a better idea of how to utilize all the resources around me
2. Learning about curriculums This is very important to the success of any teacher.   Curriculums are something that we must be able to teach so that the student is well prepared for their next year of school. I feel it is important for me to begin to learn curriculums before I even start teaching, because it is important to know them inside and out. – Take time to read each curriculum over a few times and make the appropriate consultations for any questions that may arise- Use available resources to learn more on the subject matter and how to teach it

– Read through sample units

– Consult other teachers who are teaching the same curriculum

– Learn how to plan and implement the curriculum

– Over my career I hope to continue learning more curriculums and getting more familiar with ones I have been acquainted with.
Goal: Rationale: Strategies: Timeline:
3. Assessment Procedures and Increasing my understanding of using rubrics Assessment is very important to the each student’s individual education. Also, using rubrics creates a process in which all students are graded equally and in the same manner. Rubrics are also helpful to students because it helps to give them an understanding of how they are being marked. – Talk to a colleague who uses rubrics and have them make one along side you- Take a seminar on assessment and how to make assessment fair for all students

– After learning how to use rubrics, make one up with your students and this will make it so there are no surprises in the way which they are being assessed

– Make it so you understand how to alter the assessment for students who are not at grade level and how to assess modified assignments

– Understanding the theory behind assessment will take place over time.  Consulting other practicing teachers will also help me.
4. Incorporating Technology It is important to try and incorporate technology into teaching and assessment. This will help me become more efficient at entering class marks and doing report cards. Also, when teaching I think it is necessary to try and incorporate it as much as possible because students are growing up in a technological society and everything needs to work together. This will make learning interesting and engaging for all students – Work with the computer technician in the school to help gain a better understanding of how to use software programs- Consult with colleagues when experiencing technological difficulties as they could be experiencing the same thing.

– Learn how to use SMART Boards and how to incorporate it into everyday activities to make them more engaging for students

-This will be forever ongoing.  I am getting better and am always trying to learn new things.
Goal: Rationale: Strategies: Timeline:
5. Communicating with Parents It is important to get a good understanding of how to effectively communicate with the parents of high school students. This is necessary so that I can communicate the progress my students are making, or the problems that we are having in class. It is important to have a well functioning class. Also, it is essential to be able to relay progress at parent teacher interviews where you may be sitting one on one with the parents, or with the parents and student – Share and gather ideas with other colleagues on how to have successful teacher/parent relationships- Try new ideas and ways to approach parents

– Make sure what you are trying to convey is clear and concise so there is no confusion

– Relay the message directly to the parents, do not pass it along. You do not want to create miscommunication

– There will also be a lot to learn about this in my first years of teaching

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