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A Little Slice of Heaven


For my learning project this week, I decided to expand my learning of bread and made cinnamon raisin bread!  I used this recipe and of course, made a few of my own modifications.  The first thing I did was do some research on the internet about what kind of raisins would work best in my bread.  I found this website, which indicated that raisins were my best option for baking.  Since it also had golden raisins listed below, I decided by just saying ‘raisins,’ they meant sultana raisins.  So after stocking up on raisins, I also found a tip that said if you soak your raisins, they will be juicier, so I did this the night before and then stored them in a Tupperware container.

Once thing I did differently from the recipe, was add the raisins into my liquid batter before I added any flour.  The recipe called for the raisins to put in after rolling out the dough, but I thought they would distribute more evenly if I mixed them in ahead of time.  I also wanted to add the cinnamon at this stage, but I forgot, so I swirled it in after rolling out the dough.  I brushed the top of the loaf with egg wash – the recipe called for oil, but I thought that would be really greasy.

As usual, I cooked my bread on the lowest rack.  This bread however, after a bit, I started smelling something burnt.  I took the bread out 13 minutes before the cooking time was up and the half of the bottom that was at the back of the oven had started to get a little dark.  I didn’t even notice this when eating the bread, so no big deal.

The bread turned out delicious.


Thanks for reading; it’s been a slice!