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Learning Project Conclusion


Over the course of the semester, I have learned so much about making bread and working with yeast!  Whats even better, is that I got to eat a lot of delicious bread while doing it!  If it wasn’t for ECMP 355, I never would have been able to complete a project like this.  Being able to pass off something you actually enjoy as homework – now that’s something I could get on board with!

I started out with some basics: white bread, buns, etc.  I found that recipes differ very much from each other and it is important which recipe you chose.  Then I moved into recipes that required a bit more difficulty.  Then, nearing the end of the semester, when I circled back to the beginning of my journey and remade some of the basics, I was way more successful.  I think this for 2 reasons.  Number one, the recipes I used definitely had an impact on how my baking turned out.  Number two, I took more time and also had more practice when doing things such as shaping my buns.  I also got more comfortable with manipulating recipes and making changes based on what I desired.

This learning project has benefited me greatly.  I am the kind of person who thinks most things that are bought in the grocery store can be made at home.  I like having the freedom to do this because I know exactly what is going into it and in turn, what is going into my body.  In the past, I have made things like homemade granola, granola bars, pizza pops, etc.  This has allowed me to expand what I can do at home.  I also learned that real, homemade bread does not last nearly as long on the counter as store bought bread does!

This newly acquired skill is something I am going to use throughout the rest of my life.  I am happy I had the opportunity to expand my learning in this area.  I didn’t even realize what a valuable tool the internet could be for learning a new skill.  I learned it only takes a few minutes to Google what you are looking for, a few minutes to read it, however, it may take me a little longer than that to master it.

Thanks ECMP 355 for the opportunity!

Thanks for reading; it’s been a slice!

2833701232_68d92f7b3aIn the future I hope to get a stand mixer than will knead the bread for me. Sigh. Maybe after I job…

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