Internship – Estevan Comprehensive School

For my internship I was placed at Estevan Comprehensive High School.  I worked with a senior English/Social Studies teacher.  I also assisted in Special Education classrooms around the school.  The classrooms I was involved in were: Functionally Integrated Program, Alternative Education, Individualized Academic Programming, English as an Additional Language, Tutorial, Response to Intervention, and Alternative School.  I spent varying amounts of time in all programs and worked mainly one on one with students.  As well as working one on one, I coordinated and instructed lessons on topics of the classroom teacher’s choosing.  Each experience was unique and taught me something.   Some of my responsibilities in the English classroom were creating, teaching, and assessing multiple English 20, A31, and B30 units in the areas of: poetry, short stories, and novels.  I also contributed to collaborative planning amongst other English teachers in the school.  As well as teaching, I was the assistant coach for the Freshman Girls Volleyball Team.  We traveled to and hosted weekday games as well as attending a couple tournaments on the weekends.  Overall, internship was very positive experience for me.

Herback, Taylor – Internship Evaluation

PreInternship – Miller Catholic High School

For my preinternship, I was placed in an high school English classroom.  I started out the first week teaching an ELA B10AD class.  This was a great experience for me to have the opportunity to teach an advanced class to see the divide between that class and mainstream classes.  I taught a novel study for three weeks.  I found preinternship a little challenging in terms of adapting to the classroom rules the teacher had already put in place.  Once I got that figured out, I have a rewarding experience and gained an array of knowledge from teaching both the ELA B10AD and an ELA 20 course.  As well as these courses, I had the chance to observe an EAL (English as an Additional Language) classroom.  The EAL classroom teacher had lots of knowledge to share and I learned some interesting things about teaching EAL students.  This was a meaningful experience in my education career and provided an excellent stepping stone into my internship.

ECS 300 Placement – Regina Huda School

For my year two placement, I was in a grade 5 classroom at the Regina Huda School.  This was a very different experience.  The school is located in North Regina and it is geared towards students who come from and/or practice Islamic religion.  At the Huda School, teachers are required to respect the culture of the students by wearing a robe. The class I was placed in had 29 students, all with Islamic names.  It was a challenge to learn all the names!  It was a blast getting to know the students and more about their religion/culture.  I enjoyed working with the students and having a cooperating teacher who gave some freedom with what we were allowed to teach.  The experience of working in this school will be invaluable to me in the future.


ECS 100 Placement – Gladys McDonald School

For this placement, I was in a FIAP (Functionally Integrated Academic Program) classroom.  There were 10 children in the classroom, all with varying abilities.  There was a classroom teacher, as well as two Educational Assistants and my partner and I.  We worked one on one with students, it was really fun to get to know the students.  While we encountered our share of challenges, I loved every minute I was in that placement.  It was rewarding to help the students interact with the students in the school and help them with their struggles.  I learned a lot about myself during this placement that I will take with me for the rest of my career in Education.





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