As a teacher, I Believe…

  • Students are equals
  • In teaching only what you know
  • Honesty is key
  • Learning needs to be fun
  • Every student is unique
  • In inclusive education
  • In treating students compassionately
  • Teaching IS a 24 hour profession
  • The classroom needs to be a safe environment
  • Learning needs to be engaging
  • In building relationships with students
  • All students have a voice
  • In challenging students
  • Classrooms need to be positive learning environments
  • In positive criticism
  • Every student has the capacity to learn
  • In asking for help of advice
  • The is always more to learn – your never done learning
  • As a teacher you CAN make a difference
  • Learning experiences need to involve the community and extend beyond the classroom
  • In meeting the needs of all students
  • There are endless possibilities for all students
  • In focusing on students strengths and needs
  • In promotion of language and culture
  • In our education system
  • Students deserve fun
  • It is essential to create an area where children can feel the most safe for 6 hours a day
  • In being flexible
  • Everyone deserves a future
  • I must educate myself in order to educate others
  • In making an effort to make students feel comfortable in class

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